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Komodo Edit 6 is now out, based on Firefox 3.5 sources


I'm a big fan of Komodo Edit for editing PHP, HTML and other code. And now, Komodo Edit 6 is officially out!

Komodo Edit 6 has been in Beta for quite some time, and I've been using the Beta versions for months. This release means Edit's older brother, Komodo IDE, also made it to version 6.

Some of what version 6 brings to the table:

  • Faster performance, since it's based on Firefox 3.5 -- It's still a hefty beast, and takes a long time to load on my system. But it does feel somewhat faster.
  • A new Places system for managing FTP access -- It's better than it used to be, but still isn't up to par with jEdit's FTP plug-in if you ask me.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 auto-completion -- That's just Komodo keeping up pace with the world, but it's still very useful.
  • Improvements to the Toolbox -- One of the things I like best about Komodo is that it's really extensible – it doesn't use jEdit's annoying Beanshell language, but two different industry-standard languages, Python and JavaScript. And now it's even better, thanks to a new Invoke Tool command which pops up a quick-search prompt with all of your macros and tools.

I did come across a bug when trying to copy a file remotely using FTP access with the new Places feature, but the Komodo team tell me that's getting fixed in a coming update. All in all, if you use Komodo or are in the market for a great free editor, you should definitely take Komodo Edit 6 for a spin.

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