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Chromium bumped to version 8

There's been plenty of yawning about Chrome v7 -- which Google themselves admit isn't necessarily much for user-facing changes. In reality, though, there have been quite a few important additions and tweaks. The about:labs page, for example, now includes features like side tabs, instant, tabbed settings, and outdated plug-in blocking.

Two not-quite-ready-for-primetime features are there as well: remoting and cloud print, both of which will be significant additions. Additions, it seems, which may be slated for Chrome version 8.

The most recent Chromium builds have already been bumped, as you can see in the screenshot. As always, we'll keep you posted on feature additions and updates as they appear, but one thing's for certain: Google's accelerated release schedule means we're going to see Chrome version numbers leapfrog Internet Explorer and Opera very, very soon.

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