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Weppy brings WebP support to most Web browsers on Mac OS X

Itching to take Google's new, JPEG beating image format for a test drive? Got a Mac? Then Nick Zitzmann's Weppy might just be the answer.

A simple drag and drop and you're up and running with WebP support in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, OmniWeb, Opera, Camino and others. Weppy comes in two versions, one for WebKit-based browsers and one for browsers supporting Netscape plug-ins such as Chrome, Firefox and Camino. Copy the two files into Internet Plug-ins within your Library folder, restart and away you go with 40% better compression. Nick notes that a 350KB JPEG saved with WebP comes out at 65KB, looking identical. A dramatic saving indeed, but considering the two images load in the same amount of time on a modern computer with a decent broadband connection, will anyone care but webmasters?

Head on over to Nick's site to check out the two images in question and judge for yourself.


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