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Google Latitude now much easier to use on your computer

Rejoice, stalkers! You can now keep tabs on your friends whether you are on the move or in front of your desktop computer. If you want to update your location, you need to be connected via Wi-Fi so that Google can detect your location (it didn't work for me, but I suspect Americans will have more luck).

Not only do you now have access to a Friends tab, but Apps are now much easier to find and enable. There are three apps at the moment: Location Alerts, which I guess would warn you if a friend unexpectedly visits your house or office; Talk Location Status, which publishes your location to your GTalk/Gmail chat status; and the Public Location Badge, which lets you broadcast your location to your blog or website.

You can also check out your Location History, which if you haven't checked before can be a little scary: you can see a graph of everywhere you've ever travelled (while you've had GPS enabled, anyway!)

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