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Facebook to allow users to download their data

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced two big changes today, the newly revamped Groups being one of them. The second is that users will now have the ability to download all of their Facebook data, anytime they wish, as a big ZIP file. Expect the new feature to hit your account settings in the next few days.

The option to download your data will show up in your Account Settings, just below the line for Account Security. After clicking it, you'll have to click through an enormous warning about keeping your data safe and secure after downloading it, which acts as some sort of disclaimer. After you click through that, you're given a second "Download" button, after which point Facebook will package your stuff and proceed to email you a download link for the .ZIP archive. The video (after the break) explains it all, now we just have to wait for it to roll out.

Challenge: Try not to snicker too much when the speaker goes into huge emphasis mode about protecting your data once you download it from the extremely secure privacy-vault that is Facebook.

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