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Binaerpilot launches pro-piracy music album with crowdsourced funding

binaerpilot music download screenshot

Alexander Støver is a Norwegian musician and the man behind Binaerpilot, a pro-piracy 'chip music from the future' project, as he describes it. He's been at this since 2002, but now he's finished a full electro album called Nordland.

Nordland is available to download for free from Binaerpilot in MP3 or FLAC form or can be listened to on and Jamendo. The most popular songs seem to be aXXo and Geeks, both probably hitting the sweet spot (at least in their titles) for the target audience. aXXo, you will find if you use your Google skills right, is sort of a legend in the piracy scene.

The funding for the work on this album came from people who donated through Flattr and bought Binaerpilot merchandise from a dedicated online store. The fans are the ones expected to promote this album, as they did with Alexander's previous work. There are easy ways to share on Facebook, Twitter, and even an affiliate link-like system that enables members to brag about how many people they've 'recruited' into listening to Binaerpilot and fighting the pro-piracy war.

And Alexander's stance on piracy is clear: it's not hurting artists, it's only hurting the industry behind the artists. Piracy is (if anything) saving music, because it's bringing a corrupt and exploitative machine down to its knees.

So if you agree with his principles, go have a look at Alexander's work (or rather, listen to it) and perhaps even send some currency his way if you enjoy his robotic sounds.

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