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Google updates Picnik with a bunch of ghoulish, Halloween effects, stickers and fonts

Picnik, a Web-based photo manipulation service that Google acquired back in March, has just received a bunch of new Halloweenesque effects, stickers, fonts.

After uploading a photo, you can now add such fantastic effects as 'vampire eyes', 'draculan dermis', fangs or 'zombify 2.0'. As you can see above, you can create some pretty scary results! Admittedly my face doesn't require much help to become a thing of nightmare, but still...

A few of the effects are 'Premium only', but that only costs $2 per month -- which must surely be worth it, if only to put fangs, emaciated zombie skin and morbid blood effects on your nearest and dearest.

ed note: Lee couldn't resist making a special Halloween treat for you... take the jump to check it out!

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