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Cloud Print now available in Chromium's about:labs

It's been a little while since we last heard anything significant about Cloud Print -- Google's effort to modernize and webify print queues. We know that HP has plans to deliver compatible printers and that bits of Cloud Print were visible in Chromium back in August, but there haven't been many visible changes since.

Until last night -- when the Cloud Print Proxy service appeared as an option in Chromium's about:labs page. Once enabled, a new option is added to your wrench menu > options > under the hood. Right near the bottom, you'll see:

Log in using your Google account, and a second button appears to allow you to manage your Cloud Print settings:

The manage button takes you to a Web dashboard, though that's where the fun ends for now.
Soon enough, you'll be able to actually connect your local printers to the Cloud Print proxy, at which point they'll show up on the print jobs page. You can, of course, install other people's printers as well -- those belonging to co-workers, family, friends -- for easy long-distance printing of photos or documents.

Let the "I can't believe you printed your cat picture on my preprinted check forms!!" hilarity begin!

Thanks, Guao!

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