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Skype now available on Android 2.1+ phones, works via Wi-Fi or 3G

Skype, after a rather long and pregnant pause, has finally released its Android app. It requires an Android 2.1+ phone, such as the latest from HTC or Motorola, and apparently there are some issues with the Samsung Galaxy S. You can find the app by searching for 'Skype' on the Android Market.

The app is free and works just like the desktop client. After logging in, it's just a matter of dialing a number, or selecting a name from your contacts list. Pricing is the same, but obviously if you use 3G rather than Wi-Fi you might end up with a rather large bill. Incidentally, there's a footnote on the announcement that says you can't use 3G in the USA (why?!).

There's also a link to monthly subscriptions -- for just a few dollars (or pounds, or euros) you can get unlimited calls to Europe, or the entire world. Android smartphones with Wi-Fi can be had for just a hundred dollars or so... combine that with Wi-Fi Internet access at your local coffee shop and a Skype subscription, and you have a very economical solution indeed!

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