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PenguSpy makes finding great Linux games easy

While you're waiting to find out whether or not Valve is going to deliver Steam to Linux users, you might as well bookmark a few other resources for finding games to play on your rig. One I've discovered is the recently-overhauled PenguSpy.

PenguSpy offers a categorized collection of both free and commercial games for Linux -- from platformers to RTS, board games to racing sims. Each game's detail page includes a synopsis, gameplay video, and the obligatory rating.

While the total number of games is relatively small at the moment, there are plenty of good titles like Torcs, QuakeLive, and Glest (and several others from our list of 25 free, cross-platform games). If you run a Linux OS like Ubuntu on your computer and you're looking for some quality gaming downloads, head on over to PenguSpy.

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