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fringOut arrives on Android to challenge Skype

Today is the day that Skype for Android finally broke free of its Verizon shackles, and they couldn't have made the move at a better time. Another scrappy little VoIP app also made a big announcement today: fringOut calling is now available in fring's Android app.

Unlike Skype -- which requires 2.1+ -- fring will install on Android devices running older versions of the OS. That's a pretty big deal, since there are plenty of inexpensive Android devices out there that are still running 1.6. One other advantage fring offers is support for multiple chat networks, including Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, and Google Talk.

Also huge: fringOut calling works on 3G -- Skype is WiFi only.

Gotta love the snark on the official blog post with regards to Skype's WiFi limitation in the U.S.: "This is the company decision. You will like it."

ed note: thanks for the correction on the Wifi issue!

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