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Google TV site launches, answers a lot of questions

Google TV is coming -- and judging by the new Google TV website, it's coming soon.

Via the medium of shiny, black, stylish imagery, the site goes a long way to answering any and all questions you might have about the service. For sitting-in-the-living-room TV watchers it sounds really cool. If you sit at your computer all day, however, the feature list feels a little mundane.

If you want to get in on the Google TV goodness, you will either need to pick up an incredibly expensive Sony Internet TV, or grab the standalone Logitech Revue (which will probably cost $200-$300). Neither device is currently available, but the Revue will probably launch after the Logitech event on Wednesday.

Incidentally, if you're poking around the Google TV site, there's a link to a 'Google TV blog' at the bottom of the page -- but it's invite-only... just a temporary issue, I'm sure!

[via TheNextWeb]

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