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What Color is a beautiful, minimalist way to convert numbers to colors


What Color, here demonstrated with the beautiful Lemon Bee color theme, is a very simple Web utility. You punch in the URL (, add a slash, and then put in the HEX codes of whatever colors you'd like to see.

The tool accepts short notation, such as "cdc," or extended notation, such as "ccddcc." You can also just append the word "random" to the URL, and get a colorful surprise.

There are a couple of other tricks: you can prefix the URL with /a/ to get analogous colors (such as, or /c/ for complementary colors. And if you add a number at the end, you can control how many colors show up in the palette – here's a 15-color palette produced with a single, simple URL.

Now if only there was a quick way to copy the color codes from the page...

[Via One Thing Well]

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