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Add TinEye similar image search to your Google Chrome context menu

TinEye is a slick "reverse lookup" tool that helps you find similar images from a source. It's the kind of thing that would be handy to be able to access from your browser's context menu: see an image you want to search, right click it, and get your results!

Firefox users have been able to add this functionality for a while [addon link], and now Google Chrome users have an option as well. A new extension adds a TinEye-powered 'search similar' entry to your Chrome context menu. You can see it popped up on my glorious foreground image of Earthworm Jim -- and TinEye's bevy of similar images peeking out around the edge.

I can see myself using TinEye reverse search quite often, really -- to find a higher-quality version of an image, for example. It's a welcome power-up for my right clicks.

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