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Apple TV delayed in the UK due to LoveFilm deal?

Having just got off the phone with Apple's UK flagship store on London's Regent Street, inquiring about the availability of the new Apple TV in the UK -- an "informed" store representative told us that Apple's waiting to try and secure a deal with LoveFilm before releasing stock. She said that Apple's newest media box should be available sometime next week.

What with Netflix streaming available on the Apple TV in the US, it seems plausible to us that Apple might be pursuing a similar deal with its UK equivalent, LoveFilm. Whether LoveFilm's relatively new instant streaming is up to the job is another story, but considering that the UK Apple TV doesn't have the 99c TV rental deal that the US version has (being limited to purchases only), getting some sort of content rental on the device would really bolster the Apple TV lineup in the UK. Color this one as pure rumor for now -- Apple retail employees rarely have insider info. For all our UK readers out there, we hope this one turns out to be true.

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