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Mozilla Labs Seabird: what an 'Open Web' mobile phone of the future could look like (video)

We're a week late on this one, but considering the delicious awesomeness of this tidbit, I hope you'll forgive us. As part of Mozilla Lab's 'Concept Series', which has produced fantastic proofs-of-concept for the future of Mozilla and the Web, Billy May has produced what he thinks an Open Web mobile phone might look like: the Seabird (video after the break).

A few commenters on the Mozilla Labs blog have pointed out that it would be impossible to squeeze such hardware into that form factor -- but this is a concept! Not a reality! It's also only nominally a phone: the video doesn't show a single example of actually making a call.

It's truly beautiful, though, and I'm not ashamed to admit that the Bluetooth-and-infrared dongle left a rather large pool of saliva at the base of my computer chair.

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