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Android Market devs, users in more countries able to buy and sell apps

One big knock against the Android Market has been the fact that developers could only receive payments from users in a handful of countries. Apart from adversely affecting global sales, that limitation also left a lot of developers who wanted to create localized Android apps frustrated. How can you you develop and sell an app targeted at Irish users if they can't pay for it in the Market?

That's all changed, however, following a recent announcement at the Android Developers Blog. The Market now supports purchasing in 18 additional countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan. The expansion also allows developers in 20 more countries to sell their apps in the Market.

This change is likely a good thing for the Chrome Web Store as well, since it will in all likelihood be powered by the same payment back-end as the Android Market.

[via Mobiputing]

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