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Microsoft Security Essentials celebrates one year of destroying malware

It's a bit hard to believe, but it's only been one short year since Microsoft introduced Security Essentials to the world. So, how do you celebrate the first birthday of an anti-malware app that is loved by tens of millions of users? With a cake and a couple of blog posts, of course!

Over at the Windows Team Blog, they're focused on numbers -- here are few key ones:
  • 30 million users in 74 countries
  • 366 million threats removed
  • Three certifications (ICSA, West Coast Labs, and AV-Test)
They're also reminding readers of the licensing change, which takes place in October: Security Essentials will be free to use in small business and office settings of up to 10 computers. Also announced: HP is shipping MSE pre-installed on their new Envy laptops.

The next version of Microsoft Security Essentials is currently in beta testing, and it should arrive some time in early 2011.

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