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Mulve, the free and non-P2P music download app, shut down by RIAA

TorrentFreak is reporting that Mulve, just one week after we first wrote about it, has been shut down by the RIAA. It seems that, while the RIAA was unable to touch the majority of the service, Mulve had a portion of its site hosted with USA-based Hostgator. All it took was one DMCA cease-and-desist letter, and Mulve is now offline.

As to why Mulve (which is a concatenation of 'Music Love,' according to its developers) had its website hosted in the USA, who knows. Perhaps they hadn't figured on receiving quite so much attention last week -- or maybe they're just new to the RIAA rigmarole. Mulve told TorrentFreak that the downtime is only temporary, but no ETA was given for its return.

There's a silver lining, though: pirateapp, an open source variant of Mulve that downloads music from the same place at the same high speeds, still works.

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