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HP: homebrew apps for webOS are OK with us!

One thing I love about my Palm Pre is that I'm able to run homebrew apps without performing any firmware surgery on it. Thanks to Preware (et al) the apps are easy to find, easy to install, and a select few, like Internalz, have become some of my most-used.

I'm not the only one who seems to like homebrew apps. HP, it turns out, thinks they're pretty cool, too. They agree with a recent post from Palm's Tim Stiffler-Dean that there are great apps to be had from sources other than the App Catalog. So, where else can you look for your next favorite webOS app? Check out PreCentral's App Gallery, appSpotlight, and appScoop (which contains beta apps that Palm doesn't push to the App Catalog).

I can't imagine Apple ever singing the praises of an app that's only available in Cydia, can you?

[via PreCentral]

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