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Firefox 4 for Mac getting hardware acceleration soon

Windows users of Firefox have been enjoying hardware acceleration for a little while now, as Mozilla hurried to keep pace with Microsoft's hardware acceleration in IE9. Without MS to compete with on the Mac, acceleration for that platform took a backseat in Mozilla's development schedule.

But wait! There's good news, Mac-loving Firefox fans: hardware acceleration has worked its way back into the plans for the final release of FF4.

Firefox 4 Beta 7, the last beta to get new features before Mozilla locks things down and begins to work on stability, might include acceleration. It's in the nightly builds right now, so keep your fingers crossed that it makes the cut for the last beta!

Unfortunately, there might still be some more work to do: turning on OpenGL -- the graphics interface for the Mac version of FF -- improves load times on a lot of slow pages, but it slows others down up to six percent. Here's hoping that acceleration arrives in Firefox 4, with speedier load times across the board.

[via CNET]

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