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Mozilla bringing Firefox Home to BlackBerry, Symbian, and Facebook and Twitter access

Mozilla has just pushed out an epic blog post that details the future of Firefox Home, mainly stating that it's heading to both the BlackBerry and Symbian mobile phone platforms in the coming months. If you've not heard of Firefox Home, watch the video after the break for a short intro.

Other than two new platforms, the blog post mentions that Facebook and Twitter integration, Panorama settings, tab group sync and password sync are all on the cards for future versions of Firefox Home. A bunch of other features are also mooted, though at this point it's not clear whether any or all of them will make an appearance in Home's immediate future. There's also talk of an iPad version!

This is very much a call for more feedback; Mozilla is feeling its way here and desperately wants to provide a Firefox-like experience for those poor souls without a real Firefox browser. With their creative minds hard at work, and with plenty of support from us, the community, it definitely sounds like Firefox Home has an exciting future ahead of it.

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