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Hotmail adds new security measures to defend against account hijacks

Despite the fact that Hotmail has a much larger user base, general consensus seems to be that the Microsoft's webmail service is still playing catch-up with Gmail. With its recent updates, however, Hotmail has improved greatly -- and the improvements keep on coming.

This week's installment is a handful of new security features. Hotmail now allows you to confirm trusted computers from which you frequently access your account, which provides a more fool-proof way for users to reset passwords or regain control of hijacked accounts. According to the official blog post, only 25% of users remember the answer to their secret question, so there's no denying that the trusted PC feature will be helpful to the majority of Hotmail users.

And just as Hotmail can send out single-use sign-in codes via SMS, you can also register your mobile number -- allowing you to reclaim your account by phone.

More secure webmail and a better, easier way to reclaim a hijacked account? Well done, Microsoft.

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