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GameCrush -- where you pay to play video games with hot girls -- opens its doors

GameCrush is just like prostitution, but with boys buying game time rather than sexy time from a dizzying array of cute, gamer girls. The service, which has been privately beta testing since the start of the year, launches today around 3PM Pacific time. 'Lots of girls have already signed up,' an internal source told us earlier, while we enjoyed a game of topless Call of Duty.

Just like prostitution, some of the girls are cuter than others -- and some are better at what they do, too -- but they're all available as potential PlayDates (seriously). All you have to do is whip out your credit card (it's $0.60 per minute), grab your joystick and game. Every girl has a camera, and I'm told by an inside source that many of the girls are quite, er, accommodating. Understandable, considering a good girl can earn more than $20 per hour if she behaves well.

According to the press release, any game works with their system -- but in fact there are only specific games at launch that will be playable with a companion. If you prefer one-handed, left-hand-stretched-over-to-the-mouse gaming, there's also a bunch of casual, browser-based games that you can play with your PlayDate.

Finally, in case you were wondering (because I know I was) guys can also sign up. I've already done so! Girls can pay to play with me. What an awesome world we live in, gentlemen.

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