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Unofficial Google Voice iPhone app GV Mobile+ is back on the App Store

Google Voice apps have a rocky history on Apple's iPhone. Apple banned the first official Google Voice app, and unofficial ones ended up on alternative app stores like Cydia. Well, one of those unofficial apps, GV Mobile+, made it back onto Apple's App Store last week along with GV Connect. GV Mobile+ isn't perfect, but it's a better Google Voice app than the iPhone had before (which is to say, none).

GV Mobile+ can place calls from your Google Voice number, let you check your text messages and voicemail, set up forwarding to new phones, and even toggle call screening on and off. I had some issues with the GV Mobile+ marking some of my previously-viewed messages as unread, but the app works quite well for the most part.

If you've already bought the app on Cydia, and you want the App Store version for a non-jailbroken phone, you'll unfortunately have to shell out another $2.99. The developer did have a very brief giveaway to assuage his previous customers, but now GV Mobile+ is back to full price. Still, $3 is a reasonable cost if you use Google Voice on a daily basis.

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