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Internet Explorer 9 overtakes IE6 on Downloadsquad!

Our regular readers probably wouldn't expect Downloadsquad to be the kind of place where Internet Explorer users account for the majority of visits. Generally speaking, tech-savvy users are more likely to be using an alternative browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Internet Explorer 9, however, is another story. It's been well-received by bloggers and power users alike and has already been downloaded more than two million times. It's not surprising, then, to look at our Internet Explorer stats and see that IE9 has already caught up to (and now likely passed) IE6.

Not surprising, but definitely exciting. We're glad to see that Microsoft delivered a competitive browser with IE9, and here's hoping it makes that nasty green line disappear from our chart for good. I hear you, admins... No, that's probably not going to happen any time soon, but we can dream, right?

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