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Chrome AdBlock dev pushes reassuring note to counter Chrome's scary extension warnings

The fact that Google Chrome supports extensions is great, but there's one thing I'd like tweaked: those somewhat-frightening messages Chrome displays about an extension's API access.

For example, there's Typing Speed Monitor, which I recently posted. When you install it, you'll receive the following alerts:
...which certainly might look scary to the average user. TSM's developer happened to stop by and post a comment to allay those fears, stating that the alerts appear "because the extension needs to use the* API (which gives it access to the URLs you visit) and it needs to use 'content_scripts,' which are injected into HTML pages and can manipulate their DOM elements."

There's nothing to fear, however, because your data isn't going anywhere: "[Typing Speed Monitor] can't give that data to anyone else because it doesn't have permission to access other hosts."

Still, the alerts are off-putting and even give more seasoned surfers cold feet when installing an extension -- which is where the alert above comes in. Michael Gundlach, who maintains AdBlock for Chrome, used Chrome's extension update support to push a reassuring note to its users about an upcoming change.

I've seen the "requires more permissions" alert before from an extension, but I haven't seen a dev take the time to explain to users what's going on. It's a smart, thoughtful move by Gundlach. Until Chrome offers more insightful (and accurate) alerts, developers might want to follow this example to avoid accidentally scaring their users.

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