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Scrabble is the Amazon Kindle's first app

Chances are, you didn't buy a Kindle to play games. Well, games are what you're about to get: Scrabble just became the first game -- in fact, the first app -- to hit the Kindle.

It seems like the literate Kindle audience will make a great fit for the classic spelling game. Unlike various Facebook Scrabble apps, this one has the official Scrabble name, and it was put together by Electronic Arts.

Those triple word scores come at a price, though: a reasonable $4.99. The real downside is that Scrabble on the Kindle has the same physical limitations as a real Scrabble board: there's no online play, or wireless play with other Kindles. You'll just have to make do with passing the Kindle to the next player when your turn is done. It also suffers from the graphical limitations of a black-and-white eReader, but hey, at least you don't have to keep score with a pencil.

[via Switched]

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