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Print Edit for Firefox lets you easily format Web pages for printing


Some Web pages are easier to print than others. Some provide printer-friendly versions, or printer-friendly CSS, but what do you do when you need to print out a page that isn't so friendly? What if a Web page, printed as-is, would use up a ton of toner or would spread across multiple pages in a confusing hodgepodge of menu items, superfluous banners, and useless navigation links?

Well, Print Edit is one option. This Firefox add-on hooks into the Print Preview mode, and it adds an Edit button. Once you click Edit, you're returned to Firefox (i.e., it seems like you've exited Print Preview mode), but now, a red frame appears around any page element that your mouse hovers over.

You click all of the elements that you wish to hide or delete, and then you click Hide or Delete. You can also choose to Undo, Hide All Except, or Delete All Except.

The difference between "deleting" and "hiding" is that hiding does not affect page layout. You basically get a blank spot where the element used to be. Deleting an element does impact page layout – so if you delete a banner ad, you could make the rest of the page use that space for text (and thus require less paper for printing).

Once you're done formatting the page, click Preview to see the result. If you're happy with it, print away. If not, you can always click Edit again and continue tweaking it.

The fastest way to use this add-on is to just select the content area you want to keep and click Delete All Except. I tried this with its own add-on page at, and I could get just the add-on's description – with no images, menu items, or anything else. It was very clean and useful.

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