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Mulve is a fast, free, non-P2P way to download music

There isn't much else to say: Mulve is just a single 2MB, portable EXE that lets you download music. There's no UI to speak of, and it's completely unconfigurable. You just type in a band name or song title and... download.

The thing is, despite being free and tiny, the selection of music is insane. Lee found a bunch of crazy bands like The Wonderstuff, Mind Bomb, and Johnny Socko -- and for me, it even turned up plenty of hits for classical music by Mahler, Beethoven, and Mozart. All of the generic pop crap is there, too.

And it's fast! TorrentFreak reports that the servers might be located in Russia, but that didn't prevent Lee and I from maxing out our connections -- 600KB/s for him, and 2MB/s for me. There's no peer-to-peer in sight, either; these are just direct, fast downloads. If you need some more convincing, check the short video after the break.

For a service supported by just a single banner ad, it's surely too good to be true (and almost certainly unlicensed). It'll get shut down -- it's just a matter of whether it'll be thanks to Interpol, or due to too much traffic.

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