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Firefox finally gets "paste and go" in FF4 nightly

Other browsers like Chrome and Opera can do it, and they've been doing it for ages. There are add-ons that let Firefox do it, but if it's such a useful feature, why hasn't it been included out-of-the-box?

"It" is paste and go, and like sync functionality, it has finally been permanently bolted on to Firefox. In recent nightly builds of Firefox 4, you can right-click to paste a URL and go to it without pressing enter -- or paste and go to search any copied text. To be fair, you could already right-click highlighted text and choose to search with your default engine in Firefox, but the absence of paste and go has often made me wonder "why?"

It's yet another feature addition to Firefox 4, which is racking up quite a lengthy list during its beta phase. As always, you can download the latest nightly build of Firefox 4 from Mozilla or check for updates in Minefield's about screen.

[via Mozilla Links]

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