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McAfee launches a -- yawn -- short URL service

McAfee has decided to get in to the short URL game. Why? Possibly because they were looking for an additional reason for techies to loathe them -- if there's one thing more hated than craptacular software, it's yet another URL truncator.

The theory is that people will use McAfee's short URL service because the links are managed by a trusted recognized security company. I'll say this for their landing page sure is salmon-colored. Beyond that, this is just another ho-hum link shortener -- they're not even the first provider to offer "safe" links. has been working with Websense and Sophos since late last year.

I don't know about you, but if I was McAfee, I'd be more concerned about making sure my next definition update didn't brick corporate computers. Or maybe I'd work a little harder to ensure my security suite actually gets certified by AV-Test -- you know, like Webroot managed to do.

ed note: I'm guessing they mean "blacklist," not "blackist." Proofreading: another reason you know you picked the right security company.

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