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Internet Explorer 9 fever generates 2 million downloads in two days

There was plenty of buzz about Internet Explorer 9 prior to this week's beta launch, and that buzz has paid off. Microsoft's Windows Team Blog has announced that the IE9 beta was downloaded more than two million times in its first two days of availability.

Sure, that's 6 million less than the total Mozilla received on Spread Firefox Day, but it's a huge number for a beta browser -- especially one from Microsoft. In 2008, only 1.3 million downloads were clocked for the Internet Explorer 8 beta over its first five days.

The hype machine has a lot to do with the increased interest in IE9, but it's also a much more exciting browser than IE8 -- and the browser wars have become much more heated over the past two years.

One thing I'm curious about at this point: will we see Internet Explorer releases on a more regular basis following IE9? Two years really won't cut it when competitors like Google, Mozilla, and Opera are pumping out new versions on a much more rapid schedule.

If you haven't tried it yet, you really should -- download the Internet Explorer 9 beta from Microsoft and give it a go!

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