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Google's Gmail app hits the Android Market, with quoted text and Priority Inbox

Google has updated the Gmail app for Android, adding the ability to reveal more quoted text in your email threads and introducing limited support for Priority Inbox. Instead of taking up a bunch of space on your small mobile screen with quotes from previous emails, the Gmail app now has a "show quoted text" button, so you can reveal older parts of a conversation as needed. Actions like reply, star, and archive now have a permanent place at the top of the screen, too, so you don't have to scroll back up through a long email to use them.

As far as Priority Inbox -- Google's latest attempt at making email organization easier and more automatic -- this version of the Android app dips its toes in the pool, but it doesn't dive all the way in. If you've turned on Priority Inbox in the desktop version of Gmail, the Android version will show you a separate label for the messages Priority Inbox has deemed "important." The other sorting features -- like marking a message more or less important -- aren't included yet.

The Gmail update is in the Android Market now, for users of Android 2.2 Froyo and up, which means you're good to go if you have a Nexus One, EVO, Droid, or Droid 2. Plus, the fact that it's in the Android Market also means that Gmail is no longer tied to Android's OS update schedule, so new features can be added to the app without waiting for an entirely new version of Android OS.

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