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Tweet Nest is a self-hosted online tweet archive

Tweet NestWhile I'm as excited as the next guy about Twitter's new Web interface, one shortcoming that I'd really like to see fixed soon is Twitter's lack of archiving. If you're not aware, once you get over 3,000 tweets on Twitter, you'll find that your oldest tweets start to disappear. Apparently, Twitter isn't purging them, and they still have them somewhere in their database -- but at that point, they are no longer exposing them to the public. In other words, you can't get to them.

Tweet Nest is a new product that you can install on your Web server that will back up all of your tweets, and it offers an attractive interface for searching through them and viewing the media that you've linked to. It's like your own personal archive of your tweets.

To me, this makes perfect sense, and it's a much more graceful way of archiving your tweets to your blog, rather than relying on syndication as some people do. Tweet Nest is well designed, reasonably easy to install (if you're comfortable with Web software), and nice to look at.

And did I mention that it's free?

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