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Firefox 4 update moves link previews to awesome bar

Clearly, the status bar's days are numbered. Even Internet Explorer 9 has removed the bottom-dwelling bar in favor of inline tooltips.

Now, in the latest updates to Firefox 4, Mozilla's browser has moved status bar link previews to the right-hand side of the Awesome Bar. Hover a link, and the destination URL appears in soft, gray text. Sure, it looks OK when you're currently viewing a page with a nice, short URL -- but what about on something like an Amazon product page? Take the jump to see!

Mozilla's implementation still looks good, laying the link preview atop the page's URL. On longer links, Firefox does replace the "overflow" with an elipsis, but the domain name is always displayed -- which is helpful in keeping users from entering their username and password on instead of

Thanks again, Yansky!

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