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Mozilla fixes startup bug, Firefox auto-updates are go!

It certainly didn't take long for Mozilla to jump to the pump and address a very-recently-announced bug affecting automatic updates to Firefox 3.6.9 and 3.5.11. A patch has been pushed, and users can now allow auto-update to do its thing without fear of winding up with a browser that won't start properly.

Mozilla's Christian Legnitto voiced his surprise about the bug in comments on Bugzilla, stating that it was "interesting that this doesn't show up in the top 300 crashes in 3.6.9pre or 3.5.12pre." He also notes that, even though the total number of FF crashes (around 1,000 per day in all) didn't seem to be affected much, this was still a bug which required immediate squashing. Legnitto posted that " ... because it is a crash on startup that could prevent people from using Firefox entirely, we feel it was best to get a fix out quickly."

[via CNet]

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