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QuickShift for Google Chrome is a must-have extension for dual monitor setups

I haven't been using a dual-monitor setup for long, so I'm still figuring out how to work with all the extra pixels I now have at my disposal. Since I spend a good portion of my time working in a Web browser, and that browser happens to be Google Chrome, I think QuickShift is going to become one of my most-used extensions.

What does QuickShift do? It allows you to move your current tab to a different Chrome using a hotkey combination: Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left arrow . Often, when I'm writing, I need to pop a source article over to my secondary monitor, and this is an incredibly elegant way to do it.

QuickShift also adds Windows 7-style tab switching. In the same way that you can tap Win+[a number] to launch or switch to an application on your taskbar, QuickShift allows you to change tabs in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Alt+[1-9]. Like most Google Chrome extensions that interact with your tab, you'll need to reload any active tabs before you can utilize QuickShift.

Now, if only someone would pay me a nickel for every millisecond I save by not tearing tabs off and dragging them to my "reference" monitor...

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