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Internet Explorer 9 lets you pin Web apps to your Windows 7 taskbar

While no one else has gotten their hands on it yet, FastCompany has scored some time with Internet Explorer 9, and their images show a pretty killer feature at work. IE9 will allow you to pin your favorite Web apps right to the Windows 7 taskbar.

Just like your favorite desktop applications -- Chrome, Firefox, Winamp, you name it -- you'll be able to pin your favorite browser-based apps. Better still, it's not going to be limited to actual apps like Gmail or Twitter. Launch partners include everyone from Amazon to the Wall Street Journal.

Cooler still, the Web apps that you pin will also be able to feature customized jump lists (image after the break).

Sebastian will be live blogging the launch when it happens, but I've got to say -- for a first glimpse at what IE9 will be able to do, this is pretty damn cool.

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