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Internet Explorer 9 interface streamlined, brings unified address and search bar, speed dial

Remember that leaked image of the Internet Explorer 9 interface we saw last month? As it turns out, that's pretty much exactly what the beta looks like.

As you can see in Ed Bott's screenshot, Microsoft has gone with a more subdued, minimal look for IE9. Tabs are positioned to the right of the address bar, and home, favorites, and settings buttons appear at the far right. Also like Chrome, IE9 sports a unified search and address bar, something I'm particularly happy about -- since it means no more tech support calls where I often can't get it through a customer's head that the search box is not where I want them typing

Internet Explorer 9's new tab page is now an Opera-like speed dial page, presenting your 10 most frequently visited sites. I'm glad Ed likes his own blog posts enough that they're his top two sites -- probably because he's busily responding to comments. Two tab restore options are also presented, allowing you to reopen recently closed tabs or your entire previous browsing session.

So far so good, Microsoft. I like what I'm seeing in IE9 this morning. Until Sebastian is online, have a look at the ZDNet review -- it's an excellent look at the new browser.

Thanks again, Ed -- I'm glad that little coffee thing didn't prevent you from finishing up your review...

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