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Firefox Panorama about to get even cooler with tab search


I know, I know – today's the day when we're all agog over the new IE9. Well, I decided to buck the trend and show off a brand-new preview video from Mozilla's UI design guru, Aza Raskin.

While you can just view the video after the fold, or directly on Aza's blog, I'll give you the highlights in a nutshell: Aza is showing off how simply typing in Panorama ("Tab Candy") mode highlights all matching tabs. So, instead of a muddled sea of tabs, what you're looking for pops right at you. It's simple, but it's also very powerful. I can only hope that this feature will make it into the final build.

And speaking of tab switching, there's one more tip I'd like to share: In Firefox 4, just start typing the name of an existing tab into the AwesomeBar, and a "Switch to Tab" option will show up as the first choice. This works even if the tab is in another Panorama group (i.e., currently hidden). Very slick! Now, if I could only get my Web music to keep playing while it's in a hidden Panorama group...

Stay tuned for more cool stuff from the Firefox crew -- Sebastian will be meeting them personally soon, and I'm sure he's going to wrangle some juicy, exclusive information out of them.

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