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Adobe releases 64-bit Flash Player 'Square' for Windows, Mac, and Linux

What better day for Adobe to finally make good with their promise of a 64-bit Flash player plug-in?

I can't think of one -- well, apart from "a year ago," but still -- better now than never. With the arrival of Internet Explorer 9 today, I'm definitely pleased to see that Adobe has delivered a Flash player that will run in my 64-bit browser. At the moment, however, I'm also a little bummed -- since I just finished installing IE9 on my work system, which is running 32-bit Windows 7.

But wait, there's more good news! "Square," as Adobe is calling it, isn't just available for 64-bit Windows users -- Mac and Linux users can take it for a spin as well. Adobe is claiming performance increases of up to 35% in IE9 "compared to previous versions of IE." I'm assuming they mean 32-bit versions, so the gain is probably due to the combination of IE9 + Flash Square, not the 64-bit Flash player on its own.

Here's hoping the 64-bit plug-in brings enhanced security to the table. We're all getting tired of reading about the exploits, aren't we?

Further reading is available over at the Adobe blog, and you can download the 64-bit Flash plug-in from the Adobe Labs page.

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