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TimeComX lets you execute operations based on computer use


TimeComX is fairly similar to Shutdown Timer; the main differences are in the UI and the name. So, in a nutshell, it lets you perform an operation (run a program, restart, shutdown, lock the computer, play an audio file, etc.) when something happens.

That "something" can be a timer running out or some "usage threshold" being crossed (for example, CPU level exceeds 25%). If I recall correctly, Shutdown Timer is a bit more sophisticated in that you can set a duration for each condition. In other words, you can tell it to "execute the operation only if CPU is over 25% for five minutes." I don't have Shutdown Timer handy, so I may be wrong on this one. But what's certain is that TimeComX doesn't have this functionality.

One thing that made me particularly curious is the UI toolkit that TimeComX is using. It is so incredibly clunky, it's almost nostalgic. I think it might be Qt, but Qt doesn't always look quite so horrid. (Nokia's own Ovi Suite uses Qt, and it's fairly slick.)

It's interesting to see how two developers go about accomplishing the same task. I can't say that Shutdown Timer is definitely better than TimeComX – I just happen to prefer its UI.

Tags: automation, freeware, timer, utilities