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Insync is like Dropbox for Google Docs, and it's awesome

I'm not one who likes to throw around the "killer" label when talking about a new app, but Insync is about as close as I'd ever come to doing it. Why?

Insync is a new app for Mac and Windows which works like Dropbox, but there's a rather awesome twist: it's totally integrated with Google Docs. Install Insync, authenticate with Google, and your local Insync folder begins pulling down your Docs files in the cloud. Insync has only recently begun beta testing, so there are still some bugs to work out. For example, non-document files I tested (like some .JPG screenshots) temporarily displayed two entries in my local folder but didn't upload to my Docs.

That shortcoming aside, Insync is still an incredibly useful app and an excellent alternative to Dropbox. Why?
  • Insync provides offline access to your Google Docs files, a feature users have been wanting for quite some time
  • Google storage is dirt cheap: Dropbox is roughly $240/year for 100GB. $100/year will get you 400GB from Google
  • Your additional storage is also available to you in Gmail and Picasa Web
That's enough for me to consider switching, but Insync has a ton more tricks up its sleeve. Like what, you ask?
  • Full Explorer and Finder integration, including status indicator badges for files
  • Growl support for Mac
  • Autosuggest feature supports your Google contacts
  • Versioning and conflict resolution
  • Differential syncing means only the changed bits are uploaded -- not the entire file
  • Pooled storage support for Google Apps users, along with centralized user administration
I'll be keeping a close eye on Insync. Once the kinks are worked out and it's syncing all my file types seamlessly, there's no doubt in my mind that I'll be making the switch permanently.

Four times the storage at less than half the price and offline Docs access? Sign me up.

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