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YouTube begins trial of live streaming platform, crowd goes wild

From the oh dear Lord, it's about time department: YouTube, over the next two days, is conducting a trial of its new live streaming platform.

This first test will see live content streamed by four of its partners: Howcast, Next New Networks (Barely Political), Rocketboom and Young Hollywood. Admittedly I haven't heard of any of them -- and I'm more interested in watching the season finale of True Blood -- but looking at their channel pages, they all seem to be popular.

The test will run for two days, after which live streaming will presumably be rolled out to the unwashed masses. While I'm sure there'll be tons of user-generated content, I'm more interested in whether YouTube can strike up broadcast deals with real broadcasters. TV shows, live music, news... this could be massive.

The live broadcast schedule for today is below -- see if anything catches your eye!

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