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FaceTime video chat to hit Windows and OS X desktops soon?

FaceTime, Apple's video chatting protocol, is currently still limited to the newest iOS devices. That might change soon, though, with the next version of Apple's iLife suite of apps. French Apple site Mac4Ever is spreading the rumor that FaceTime will hit the desktop as part of iChat on OS X and as its own Windows app.

FaceTime could catch on big time once it's untethered from iOS devices, but it's not really clear what FaceTime's niche will be in a desktop VoIP landscape that's dominated by Skype. Right now, it's a novelty for people with the newest Apple devices, so it's going to have to make a serious marketing push to establish itself as a Skype competitor. Skype now does 10-way video calls on the desktop, while FaceTime's main advantage is that it comes pre-installed on a hugely popular mobile device.

[via 9to5 Mac]

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