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Sony's Crackle expands, brings free movies, TV shows to Canada

If there's one thing that users outside the U.S. find irritating about online video, it's the fact that we don't have access to many of the awesome services that our American chums do. Sony has struck a minor blow against geotarding today, however, with the expansion of Crackle.

Canadians can now enjoy Crackle's Sony-powered content as well. Most of it, anyway -- I'm not able to watch most movies. Mothra and Godzilla flicks do work, as do The Three Stooges. I'm willing to overlook the lack of complete access, though, since I can enjoy Patrick Warburton's antics as The Tick in the full-screen glory it deserves.

Crackle is definitely worth a bookmark if you're in Canada and looking for a place to watch free movies, TV shows, and cartoons on the Web.

[via Tubefilter]

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