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Google Instant integration lands in Chrome Canary

Just announced on Tuesday, Google Instant has already been integrated into Google Chrome's Omnibar (though only in the Canary build for now). When I saw various people tweeting about wanting the feature integrated over the past few days I wasn't certain Instant would be a good fit. After all, the Omnibar already offers a certain amount of "instant" functionality.

Now that I've used it, I'm still not sure. As you can see in the header image, Google sometimes misinterprets the Omnibar requests. By sometimes, I mean more often than not in my own testing. When Instant integration does work, you'll see the Google results appear atop the page you're currently browsing -- check my brief video after the break to see Chrome Instant in action. This is, of course, only the very first cut and Google does like to "release early, iterate often." Once the feature has been shined up a bit, I'll certainly give it another try.

I also find it interesting that Google Instant wasn't added to the about:labs page in Chrome. In the Canary build, we're still left with side tabs as the only feature which can be activated there. Adding command line switches is easy enough on Windows, though, and since that's the only OS on which you can run Canary right now just right click your shortcut and add --enable-match-preview to your target (after chrome.exe).

After you give it a shot, share your thoughts in the comments. I don't think I'd want Instant enabled by default -- I'm quite happy with the Omnibar the way it is.

[via Google OS]

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