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Notes for Later is a super-fast way to email links to yourself


The problem of "saving stuff for later reading" is a known issue, with several established solutions. You've got Read It Later, Instapaper, Delicious, Diigo (including "unread bookmarks" functionality), and a ton of other alternatives.

Notes for Later differentiates itself by being super-minimalistic. Your email client is your reading list; if you use Gmail, you can just create a filter to label all of the "notes for later," and keep the ones you haven't read as "Unread" in Gmail itself.

The application itself is just a snippet of JavaScript, and it's neatly packaged as a bookmarklet. You feed it with your email address, and you get a link. You then click the link to get your own personalized bookmarklet.

Drag the bookmarklet onto your address bar, and every time you click it, the current page is emailed over to you. There are no prompts, no tags to feed, and no notes to enter. One click – that's all. If you happen to select any text from the page, a snippet of that text (not necessarily all of it) is included in the email.

It couldn't really get much simpler or cross-browser than this!

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