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Google Scribe extension now available for Google Chrome

Just unveiled a few days back, Google Scribe's autocomplete superpowers are now available via the Chrome Extensions Gallery. Sure, a pair of developers beat Google to the punch and released their own interpretations first, but most users will probably opt for the official version from the Mountain View crew.

So is the Chrome extension any different from the bookmarklet? It does seem to be a bit faster -- if I slow down my normal typing speed slightly, Scribe actually gets a chance to make the occasional suggestions. It's using the same JavaScript back-end provided by Google Apps, so why it's faster I can't say for sure. Perhaps it makes requests via Google's SPDY protocol instead of HTTP?

Either way, I still find that Scribe just isn't all that handy for competent, speedy typists. You'll have moved on to your next word long before suggestions ever appear in most cases.

For Chrome users who type at a more modest rate of speed, however, the Scribe extension may very well be worth installing. If you find autcomplete helpful while texting on your cell phone, Scribe is probably right up your alley.

One gripe: the default activation hotkey is Ctrl+J -- which is the same sequence used to access Chrome's downloads page. How about making this customizable, Google?

One additional gripe: if you're typing into a field which already auto-suggests (such as tag fields on various Web apps like wordpress), Scribe could give you some grief. Make sure you turn it back off before typing in such fields.

Bonus points to the commenter who submits the most LOL-worthy comment created entirely with Google Scribe!

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